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The blog was born in the late 2014 thanks to two friends who decided to share their passion with the world. “Two blades of grass”, because this is what they are and will always be, two blades of grass in a desert that try to meet and resiliently resist together, despite all the challenges. Everything has begun with two paths that merged, although it wasn’t yet sure where they were heading. A friendship that survived to storms, constraints and separation, besides 3 thousand kilometers of distance. A friendship that brought them to create all of this, a blog that could talk about themselves, their passions, their goals. The idea of two colleagues, who took different paths in life, becoming one the support of the other, both through the keyboard and in life.


Who are we, actually? And how many are we?

There’s a bit of confusion about it: we are three. Thais is the main writer, supported by her dear husband Klaus and by the second blade of grass, Desirée. And now we will tell you more.


Thais FK

Half Italian and half Brasilian, born and grown up in Italy, I moved to Finland soon after I graduated. For some reason, I’ve always felt a bit wrong and out of place, and I’ve finally found myself here in the earth of reindeers and Northern lights.

I love my roots, but in Italy the life was too hectic, too chaotic and crowded for an introvert person like I am. In the quiet Finland I had time to reevaluate my values and to analyze my motivations. For absurd, the distance allowed me to learn and appreciate everything I had but couldn’t see and, in the meantime, I started to confront with a culture that was extremely different from the one in which I’ve grown up, but so much more congenial to me.

I develop recipes, I photograph, I tell stories about cultures, places and traditions, I like everything that is beautiful, natural and sustainable. When I started this blog with Desirée I would have never thought that this project would’ve go on for so long. Instead, not only it succeeded in his main goal, that was joining the two blades of grass in a way that could resist to every storm that life could bring, but also it connected us to so many creative people on the globe who are interested in what we had to say. Two blades of grass is not only about ourselves anymore, but also about all of you readers who read us from every part of the world. I feel privileged to be part of this awesome community and to be able to transform my passions into my job.

Apart from being the main writer and CEO of this blog, I create recipes, photograph and write for companies. If you are interested in working with me, contact me at thais(at)duefiliderba.com or visit my portfolio: thaisfk.com

All the pictures published in my posts posts are shot by me, if not mentioned differently, and are nowadays taken with Nikon D3200 and a Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 lens and a Canon 5D mark III with a Sigma 24-105 f/4 lens and a Canon EF 50mm 1.8 lens.




I’m 100% Italian even though my name may arise some doubts. Although I was born, raised and always lived where I am actually living, I too many times feel “wrong” and “out of the place”. The nice thing is that, despite all this, I have such inner happiness that no one, I think, will ever take away. I love this life. I have everything: I live with the most beautiful people in the world, I have a house that I can call as such and all the things I’m still missing will be only filled from how I’ll decide to live this little life of mine.

I love to write, I love unordinary people, I love to keep everything under control, I love warmth and all the simple things, even though I’m not at all one of them. I love the sea, colors and it has been years since I started to dream about New Zealand. Maybe one day I’ll live there and write from there.
Between us, the two blades of grass, I believe I’m the one that dares less, that is more scared from bad weather and who is more attached to her roots. Thais is the one who is more pragmatic, smarter and that loves more to take the risks that life can give.

Once she chose a nickname for me: “XD”, “Icsdì” in italian. It left a mark on me, because I believed that everyone who would have read my name would have been forced to smile. Well, now we’ll make you smile together.




I grew in the countryside of northern Finland and I have always had deep respect for nature, people and art. I saw how nature provided for us basically everything we need. People i learned to appreciate, because in a small community you are dependent of each other and no one can be ignored. Finally, I learned to love art, especially books and movies, because a major part of the year it was the only way to escape the darkness and, well, just boredom.

My contribution to this blog is mainly to support my wife, but who knows if in the future I’ll introduce you some writings that are completely my own!



If you find our vision  tuned with your style and want your company or brand to be featured in our blog or our social media channels, we are available for international collaboration. We would like every collaboration to be in line with our standards; For this reason, we reserve the choice with whom to work with.

For more information (media-kit or price list), you can contact us here.




All contents in Due fili d’erba are original and protected by copyright. It has taken a big amount of effort, energy and time to create every single post you see here. If not mentioned otherwise, also all the pictures are shot by us. So if you would like to share some contents, whatever contents, or adapt one of the recipes you find here, please link back to our blog.


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