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First Braid Kit


I ask you a VERY DIFFICULT question: in the photos above, what does The girl on fire, the nice model which name I don’t know, the wire, Rapunzel and Taylor Swift have in common? I give to you three options to make things easier:

1) blue eyes
2) sympathy
3) braids

I propose to discard the first option, because Rapunzel has got green ones.
I’d do the same with the second option, because Katniss Everdeen is not that nice.
Okay, I still help you saying that the right option is the third one. I’ve seen that you were in difficulty, but I’ve already thought of a solution!

Who knows me personally, has had the opportunity to notice my passion for braids, on me or on the guinea pigs models that sometimes I manage to gather. So I’ve decided to do a new periodical about braids, where I’ll show you how I make them and I’ll try to give you some tips (neither from hairdresser or anything else, simply from an amateur) on how to make all the possible kinds!

Now, since I’ve got some difficulties to take selfies about my own braids, I start to recruit some kind person willing to submit to my hands’ will. Meanwhile, start to make grow up your hairs!

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