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  • Neito rapsiöljy | Finnish rapeseed oil | Thai chicken soup Recipe | on Due fili d'erba | Two blades of grass | Photos and Recipe by Thais FK
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    Thai chicken soup

    In collaboration with Neito. Hi friends! This post will be controversial especially in Italy I guess. Why? Because I’m going to talk about oil, and this time not olive oil, as…

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    Light zucchini soup

    This recipe is really something that brings my memory back to summer evenings in Italy. You know, my granny and dad used to grow a big vegetable garden on our backyard.…

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    Nettle soup for a biting cold day

    In collaboration with Pentik ceramics Nettle! Is it something common to use where you live? I think that, when thinking about nettle, many people just see the thorns, that this plant…

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    Asparagus velvet soup

    After the asparagus appetizers, here comes another recipe that sees asparagus, vegetable of season now, as the main ingredient. The color of my velvet soup has some brown in it because…

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    Borscht soup

    This recipe was born in Ukraine, but this dish is largely used in Russia too. The Russian variant includes also cabbage. By now, this borscht soup is part of Finnish culture…

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    Salmon soup

    In Finland you can surely get very fresh (and cheap!) salmons. So here is one of the most common and traditional recipes in which this ingredient covers a main role. Of…