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Milford Sound, the silence of the Sealand

Hello! I am finally back with a new post of a periodical I’ve neglected lately. This charming place you see in the picture below is Milford Sound and today I’ll tell you briefly something more about it., someone on Flickr milfold sound

Milford Sound is a fiord, situated in the Fiordland National Park, the biggest New Zealander national park, that covers an area of 12.000 square km. It belongs to the Fiordland region, which is south-west in the South Island. The name of this region is due to the numerous fiords it has, molded by the glaciers all over the coast.

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Dall'alto! (Gordon Wringley, on Flickr)

From above! Dall’alto!
(Gordon Wringley, on Flickr)

Milford Sound is 16 km long and it ends flows into Tasman Sea. That’s why it’s convenient to visit this place both by road and by sea.
Its English name as a Welsh origin, whereas the corresponding Maori name, piopiothai, refers to piopio, an extinct bird similar to a thrush. There is a legend is about Maui, a man that tried to gain immortality for all humankind but died during the attempt and from there a piopo passed by. Yes, I know, this legend is really clear.. I even tried to listen a recording that talked about another legend about this fiord, but sadly I couldn’t even understand if the language spoken was English or Maori, and with this I said everything.

The words to spend trying to describe Milford Sound are not many, because even by seeing it through a simple picture it gives the impression of a place to admire in complete silence. Milford Sound, Steve Arnold on Flickr
It is a World Heritage Site and even though every year it attracts a lot of tourists, it still is a very peaceful place. The location is not one of the sunniest: it is often rainy and foggy. It is one of the most humid place of earth, with rainfalls that can reach 7 meters per year and it rains with an average of 180 day per year.

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(Loic Lagarde, on Flickr)

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The fiord’s water is both sweet and salty and normally fresh rain water is found on the surface, whereas the salty. heavier water is found deeper. The dark color of the water is caused from the vegetation., trey-ratcliff-milford-sound-mystery-mist

The submarine flora and fauna are rich and peculiar, not only because of the natural reserves, but also because of the massive amount of rainfalls in the area, that contributes to the growth of forests in the fiord. It is well known the black coral population (the biggest in the world), to whom it would be wise not to get too close because of their slow growth and of their extreme frailty and rarity.

What is interesting is that those corals absorbe the light that reach the sea water and this makes it warmer, cleaner and darker than what it would be expected from so deep waters. This allows to animals and plant that usually would be found at 10-40 meters below the sea level to live even at great depths, even at more that 300 meters below the sea level.

This, that I introduce you as the last thing, is Mitre Peak, a very steep mountain symbol, 1690m high.

Là dietro...

Là dietro…

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I got really inspired to write this post because I believe that the calm of a silent place sometimes can help a lot to make us listen more to ourselves. Of course there is no need to go all the way to Milford Sound to meditate a bit, but a little peace meanwhile one feasts his eyes is never a bad idea, right? 😉 So, if you’ll ever happen to visit New Zealand, I think this would be something worth visiting!

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