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  • A bright winter day in Oulu, Finland | Visit Oulu, Visit Finland | Thais FK

    A bright winter day in Oulu, Finland

    Days like this day are the reason why it’s worth surviving the kaamos phase we have to go through every year, that is those three months in late autumn/early winter where…

  • Finland Food&Recipes

    Sap beer

    We found a recipe that went like this: “To every Gallon of Birch-water put a quart of Honey, well stirr’d together; then boil it almost an hour with a few Cloves,…

  • Finland Food&Recipes

    How to dry meat

    In Lapland and northern Finland there is a long standing tradition of preserving meat by drying it in the dry spring air. The most traditional meat to be dried this way…

  • Finland Food&Recipes Soups

    Borscht soup

    This recipe was born in Ukraine, but this dish is largely used in Russia too. The Russian variant includes also cabbage. By now, this borscht soup is part of Finnish culture…

  • Finland Food&Recipes Soups

    Salmon soup

    In Finland you can surely get very fresh (and cheap!) salmons. So here is one of the most common and traditional recipes in which this ingredient covers a main role. Of…

  • Desserts Finland Food&Recipes

    Aronia pie

    Speaking once more about aronia, when I finished to prepare my homemade aronia juice, I decided I would conserve the berries to which I extracted the nectar from in freezer. Then…

  • Finland

    Homemade berry juice

    I vividly remember how nice it was, when I was a kid, to pick with granny and dad black cherries from the tree we used to have in the garden. Then…