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  • Masada sunrise, Eing Gedi & Dead Sea Tour by Tourist Israel | on Due fili d'erba | Two blades of Grass | Photos by Thais FK & Klaus K.

    Masada sunrise, Ein Gedi & Dead Sea

    We never really were people who would participate on guided tours. We usually prefer to explore destinations on our own, go a little bit off the grid so to speak and…

  • A bright winter day in Oulu, Finland | Visit Oulu, Visit Finland | Thais FK

    A bright winter day in Oulu, Finland

    Days like this day are the reason why it’s worth surviving the kaamos phase we have to go through every year, that is those three months in late autumn/early winter where…

  • Finland Travel

    Ice fishing

    The other day we went ice fishing with friends in the beach nearby where we live. Every winter the sea (the river and the lakes as well, for that matter) freezes…

  • Finland Travel

    Helsinki trip

    Last week with Klaus we spent some days in Helsinki, where one of his sister lives. I’ve been in Helsinki before, other two times, but this time we had little bit…

  • Interrail Travel

    Interrail: Budapest

    We are almost at the end of this unforgettable trip around Europe with Interrail. Next (and last) city we visited was Budapest. The journey from Vienna is very short, little bit…