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There’s a big amount of people in this world who love visiting cities; I’m not one of them.
Cities and I are like cats and water, like Parmesan on tuna fish pasta, like Nicky Minaj and contouring. Two universes that don’t belong to each other.

I try not to be racist against people who like visiting cities even if, sadly, many of the those who love cities consider ignorant people who hate cities, and here it comes spontaneous to ask myself: why?  Come on, we all have our own tastes. I would never go to Paris, for example, and maybe one day I’ll write an article explaining all the whys, but if someone wants to go to Paris, let the person go and have fun and send me a postcard too.

If instead you want to bring me to Dubai, I would come gladly. Or even in one of the thousands newzealander cities permeated by nature (not with parks or zoos – a kind of nature a bit more natural) I wouldn’t have any problems. But the kind of standard cities generally loved by people, that put together history, culture, art, luxury, I don’t like them.

The reasons are many, and I summarize them here:

  • I get lost
  • there are too many people that unintentionally grind you
  • the nicest things to watch are crowded
  • I get lost
  • if you’re short and you want to take a picture you will take in your picture at least ten tourists who are taking pictures
  • if you’re short and you want to take a picture you will take in your picture only the backpack of the guy in front of you
  • you have to be careful not to lose who’s with you
  • you have to be careful not to lose who you were tailing
  • I get lost
  • the food is too expensive
  • PARKING… I need say no more

There are some things I enjoy in cities:

  • markets
  • street markets
  • supermarkets
  • paintings of abstraction painters
  • markets
  • technology shops – whether is refrigerators, mobile phones that I could never afford, silk epil, everything goes
  • supermarkets
  • street markets
  • peculiar shops (for example, one day I entered in a shop, which name I don’t remember, full of vintage stationary, le paradis)
  • flora
  • picnic areas
  • fauna (no need for sharks, cants are already enough)
  • super modern and colored buildings (hence Dubai)
  • street markets

Apart from these things, I’m not for cities. Every time I go to a city, I feel I lost some precious time of my life, and it doesn’t mind if I lost this time walking to see wall ruins or sitting in a coffee shop. In a city I am practically like the stupid character of every comical movie.
From time to time (that is 24/7, holidays included) I tell to my friend Thais the events that see me protagonist, and we had an idea: why cannot we tell them even to our nice readers? From here this new, small periodical, is born, in which I will tell you a bit of my adventures here in Bavaria and not. Stay tuned!

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