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Hello you all people of Due fili d’erba!

Thais and I have thought of writing this post in order to update you about some developments recently occurred on Due fili d’erba. The first one is that no, we are not dead. The second one is that yes, we’ve had a lot to do but from now on we’ll have more time to give to Due fili d’erba. This past weeks and months have been really exhausting in every aspect for me and I think Thais can also agree with that. Nevertheless, despite our disappearance, we can’t now wait to transmit you all the energy we accumulated, becoming even more electrical than Nikola Tesla. Putting aside the prelude, the main reason why we are writing you is to let you know two news that for us editors are really revolutionary and we cannot wait to start using and sharing them.

First news is that, finally we have our own domain and we officially are! The change of domain was, is and will always be an advantage for the blog because in this way is safer, easier to be found, more pronounceable ( was more a tongue-twister than a link) and more functional. And I would still add that it’s really motivating. Since Due fili d’erba was born, we had a lot of work to do to keep it running, but honestly we didn’t expect to obtain our own domain so soon. It surely was in our to-do list, but we were thinking about it more like something distant and abstract, a long-term goal. So we are really proud and satisfied (let’s keep it between us, but Thais couldn’t sleep the night after the purchase of the domain). Now it has come the time to give special thanks to my partner as well as my companion of life and adventure as well as vested aunt as well as blade of grass Thais, because without her this blog wouldn’t exist. She put incredible effort in this project, she was determined, sometimes, actually often (I’ll never make her read this post so she’ll never know!) nagging but trust me, you would understand her – we have very different ways of working, in general working with me is terrible because I’m slow and I have little inventiveness (who knows me knows it). So Thais was a really, really, really good girl and I’m immensely grateful to her because without her all this wouldn’t exist and I’m so happy to have the blog and to have her. Still a thanks, the last one, to the planning and design department, again edited by Thais, because if it would be for me this blog would look exactly like this:



P.S. Once I added some widgets, but still don’t get what are they.

Coming back to us, let’s talk about a second newssecond only in order to create some expectation, not because less important – that is about human resources. Surely you’ve encountered a name during your readings of our posts and that Thais and I are not the only one participating in the drawing up of the posts. Because of this and also because of the help, both moral and practical, that was given, I’m most happy to officially give a warm welcome to a third member of Due fili d’erba that from now on will work side by side with us: Klaus! Even though I think he is already a familiar name, head toward the About us page to read more about him.

His presence has always been important since the beginning and he has always been of great support giving suggestions, tips and practical labor (I’d like to point at our beautiful logo made by him). It will surely be a pleasure to have him working with us. (So I guess that now this is a family blog at all effects).

That said, please continue following us, leave comments with your ideas and tips, in short… Continue this way!

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    August 17, 2015 at 8:49 am

    Direi molto ben fatto!! Complimenti.. 🙂

    • Reply
      Thais K.
      August 17, 2015 at 1:21 pm

      Grazie di cuore Fabio!!

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